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How to make money from digital editions. 

The Guide to Making Money from Digital EditionsDiscover how news and magazine publishers are replacing the shortfall in their print-based circulation and advertising revenue with new revenue generated by selling digital editions or other evergreen content.

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  • How you can be making money from digital editions within a week

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  • The need for a simple pricing structure and payment process 

  • The type of technology that can make selling digital editions cost-efficient and easy

News and magazine publishers need to generate new incremental income.

In 2020, The New York Times generated more revenue from online readers than from its print subscribers for the first time.

With this momentous shift to paid online consumption comes the opportunity to also sell high-value content (such as digital editions) on a spot basis to your casual audience.

It's a way to diversify and build your income base by tapping an audience beyond that of your loyal subscribers - both print and digital.

In this guide, Spotpass walk you through the basics as to how you can do this in an extremely cost-effective and easy way without requiring loads of IT or time.

Sell digital editions to your readers by using the simplicity of micropayments.